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Wilson Reading System Summer Intensive

What is the Wilson Reading System? Wilson Reading System is an intensive, small group instructional model by highly skilled clinicians to improve reading and spelling. “Wilson” is a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham based reading program that helps students who may require more intensive instruction.

Where will it take place? Astoria Speech and Language will hold small group instruction in our clinic, in person, while adhering to any and all safety guidelines and procedures. The clinic is located at 30-68 38th Street, Lower Level in Astoria, NY.

How often will groups meet? In order to gain the maximum efficiency of the program, sessions will occur 3 times per week, for 6 consecutive summer weeks. Before the summer begins students will come to the office for a reading assessment (The WADE, Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding).  Using this information we will form groups based on skill level, and we will be able to document growth following the summer intensive.

Who will instruct the small groups? Groups will be led by a combination of a Level 1 Certified Wilson instructor and a Speech and Language Clinician trained in the Wilson Reading System.  

How long is each session? Sessions are 60-minutes in length, and parents may drop off their student or wait in our spacious waiting area.

How much does it cost? There are two variables that will impact the cost for the total program: the number of students enrolled in the cohort and the number of weeks the family decides to participate.  We understand many families travel during the summer so there will be a “full enrollment option”, and a second “5 out of 6 weeks option”, so that families can work around plans they may already have.  The chart below can indicate the range of rates the full program will cost based on these variables:

July 7th-August 16thGroup size of 3 (3x a week)Group size of 4 (3x a week)
5 out of 6 weeks$1000 per child$750 per child
6 out of 6 weeks$1200 per child$900 per child

We cannot guarantee the group size; it will be based on enrollment. Lastly, we are happy to supplement the costs of the program through your insurance. Ask Leah if you’d like more information about this.

Any other expenses? Yes, each child will need to purchase a Wilson Tile board and Wilson Notebook which is a total cost of $33.80.
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