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Oral motor skills are required for speech and swallowing tasks. Oral motor weakness may occur as a result of a neurological difference, such as dysarthria, stroke, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other disorders that can affect muscle strength. If an individual has oral motor weakness, it is likely that his or her speech-sound clarity and precision will be impacted. It is also possible that a person’s ability to chew and swallow foods of all textures will be impacted, resulting in dysphagia. His or her ability to make different facial expressions can also be impacted. The muscles around the lips, cheeks, tongue, palate, and jaw all contribute to oral motor movements. Oral motor weakness may be present if the following is observed:

  • Drooling
  • Low tone
  • Slow chewing or avoidance of certain foods due to difficulty chewing/swallowing
  • Food frequently falling out of the mouth while eating
  • Difficulty using a straw, puckering lips, or blowing bubbles

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