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Social Groups

Social Groupings and Its Benefits

Social skills grow and develop over time. Just like how some plants need more water and sunlight to grow, some children need help to develop healthy social-emotional skills while building their confidence! Our groups use materials and curriculum from programs like the Social Thinking Curriculum, The Social Skills Squad, and The SCERTS Model.

(Ages 3-4)

A social-skills group perfect for children ages 3-4. This group will work on concepts like turn-taking, imitative and cooperative play, sharing and waiting, making and following requests, and developing vocabulary related to feelings. With a focus on functional skills that will improve a child's participation in social and academic environments, Seeds and Sprouts uses a combination of toys, books, and songs to keep children engaged.

Sprouts Group Registration Open:
9:30 AM Saturdays, group begins 9/11

(Ages 6-8)

Saplings works on social-emotional skills such as following directions for shared activities, working together with peers, using perspective taking skills, and showing concern for others. Using games, worksheets, and videos for a multimedia learning experience, this group works with functional activities that help to promote carryover to daily tasks while still motivating participation!

Saplings Group Registration Open:
4:30PM Mondays, group begins 9/13

Building Branches
(Ages 9-11)

Building Branches focuses on the functional social skills required for building peer-based relationships. While using structured and unstructured tasks, this group will address concepts such as interpreting figurative language, maintaining conversation topics, using questions to show concern for others, and sustaining attention for group activities. Activities of daily life, like making plans, following directions for projects, and working together to solve problems, will be used for teaching social skills to the Building Branches group.

Building Branch Group Registration Open:
5:30PM Tuesdays, group begins 9/7

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